Providing food parcels – 20 April 2020

In Kenya, as elsewhere, the population has been in lockdown since the end of March.  As many as 95% of the families of DGS children are unable to earn a living and as Jacob, the DGS Director, put it – “in Kenya more people may die from starvation than from Coronavirus“.

Thanks to our supporters and generous donations, the Destiny Children charity has been able to send funds to cover the staff salaries and to buy essential food for 275 most vulnerable families of the DGS children.

For around £12 per family the food parcels provided the following, enough to feed a family of three for 4 weeks.

  • 2kg Rice
  • 2 litres Oil
  • 2kg Maize Flour
  • 2kg Peas
  • 4kg Maize

For full details on how the DGS team managed this at such short notice are included in this report.  A huge thank you to them and, of course, to all our sponsors and supporters.