Ways to help Destiny Garden School

DGS Children queuing for water

DGS Children queuing for water

Destiny Garden School is a charity school dedicated to educating disadvantaged children in one of the poorest suburbs of Mombasa.  To do this it relies on support from the outside world.  You can contribute to the future of the school in a number of ways as follows.

100% of sponsors’ and donors’ funds, together with the Gift Aid, go to Destiny Garden School. The committee members meet all the expenses and administrative costs involved in running the charity.

Destiny Garden School Child

Sponsoring the school: for as little as £10 you can  send a regular monthly donation to help cover the costs of running the school.  This includes paying staff salaries, buying text books and stationery, and providing the children with a nutritious lunch. All you need to do is complete the attached Sponsorship Form and return to the address supplied.

Sponsoring a child:  if preferred, for as little as £15 a month, you can sponsor the education of a particular child. See the Sponsor a Child link for details and Frequently Asked Questions.

New text books for DGS reduce the ratio to 3:

Donations for text books reduced ratio from 5:1 to 3:1

We would be delighted to receive a one off donation towards the running costs of the school or to pay for specific items needed. Should you wish, we would be happy to provide you with feedback on the results of your donation. Please see Donate.

100% of sponsors’ and donors’ funds, together with the Gift Aid,  go to  Destiny Garden School.  The committee members meet all the expenses and administrative costs involved in running the charity.

Do you sometimes wonder what to say when someone asks you what you would like for your birthday or Christmas?  Or are you struggling to think of a suitable gift for a friend or family member?

Well, here is an idea that will not only solve the problem, but will also make a difference to the lives of the children at Destiny Garden School.  Gifts that Make a Difference!

This year we have decided to do things slightly differently.

Covid 19 has had a huge and devastating impact across the world and Mombasa is no exception.  Rather than selecting a specific gift that you would like to send to the school, we have asked the school what they need to help combat the crisis that they currently face.

Click on the buttons below to see what your gift could buy the school while allowing them the flexibility to purchase items as they deem appropriate.

Simple, fun, and very rewarding!

Gifts That Make a Difference

To make a payment please see ‘Donate

Please use the reference ‘GTMAD’

Print the appropriate ‘Gift Voucher’  from the link below

£12          £24          £60          £120

easyfundraising’:  www.easyfundraising.org.uk

Raise money for DGS without it costing you a penny!

If you shop online and would like to help Destiny Garden School, you can do this via ‘easyfundraising’ who will pay up to 15% to Destiny Garden School with no extra cost to easyfundyou.  For full details on how to register please see this link. You can shop online with more than 2000 well known retailers  including Argos, Next, Amazon, John Lewis, Boots, Vodafone, M&S, Play.com, Debenhams, Travelodge, eBay and many more. It doesn’t cost any more and is easy to use.

Elizabeth's Coffee Morning

Elizabeth’s Coffee Morning

Could you consider organising an event to raise funds for Destiny Garden School?  In the past supporters have held  coffee mornings, dinner parties, book and cake sales; there are many other ideas which would raise much needed funds for the school. We can provide  display materials and leaflets, and give any other help required.

Your Fundraising Pack:

Val's sponsored swim

Val’s sponsored swim

A great way to raise funds for Destiny Garden School is to challenge yourself to do something you haven’t done before and ask family and friends to support you.  We will provide the necessary display items, sponsorship forms and set you up with a webpage.

The Destiny Children charity is not responsible for the volunteering scheme at Destiny Garden School as we don’t have the necessary insurance.  However, this can be arranged by contacting Jacob, the founder and school director, via the School website. Jacob and his family can host volunteers who can stay from one week to six months.  See the section on volunteering on the Destiny Garden School website for more information via this link: volunteering.