News 2020

Christmas Eve Food Parcels

Christmas Eve Food Parcels – 24 December 2020

The 8th Emergency Food Parcel drop was made on Christmas Eve,…
December 24, 2020/by Judy Roper
Food Parcels distributed from the school grounds

Message of Gratitude and Hope from DGS – December 2020

Destiny Garden School’s musical teachers, some of the pupils…
December 22, 2020/by Judy Roper
Grade 4 Pupil

Letters from DGS – 17 December 2020

A few pupils from each of the DGS classes have written letters…
December 17, 2020/by Judy Roper
Text books so children don’t have to share

Christmas Gift Ideas – November 2020

Are you struggling to think of a suitable Christmas gift for…
November 1, 2020/by Judy Roper
The 7th Food Parcel Drop

The 6th and 7th Food distribution – September & October 2020

Emergency Food Parcels were delivered at the beginning of the…
October 8, 2020/by Judy Roper
DGS Staff made up the Food Parcels

The 5th distribution of Food – 10th August 2020

Thanks to generous donations and Gift Aid we were able to distribute…
August 24, 2020/by Judy Roper
Carpenter making the desks

New Desks for DGS – 24th July 2020

Generous donations have paid for 100 new desks which will go…
July 24, 2020/by Judy Roper
Checking in for Food Parcels

Providing food parcels – 6th July 2020

Thanks to very generous donations from Alana Hanks and her family, friends, and…
July 7, 2020/by Judy Roper
AGM on 22 June 2020

AGM – 22 June 2020

Destiny Children’s AGM was held via Zoom on 22 June 2020; a…
June 23, 2020/by Judy Roper
The children who wrote essays

Short essays written by DGS pupils during Covid-19 – June 2020

A few of our Destiny Garden School pupils wrote short essays …
June 11, 2020/by Judy Roper
Food Parcels distributed from the school grounds

Providing food parcels – 28 May 2020

Unlike the developed world, there is little financial help from…
June 6, 2020/by Judy Roper
The Food Parcels contained Rice, Oil, Maize Flour, Peas, Multipurpose Soap and Toothpaste

A Video of the Recent Distribution of Food Parcels

Boaz, the DGS Manager, has produced a video showing scenes from…
May 22, 2020/by Judy Roper
The local government District Office was used again to distribute the food parcels to DGS families

Providing food parcels – 11 May 2020

Kenya continues to be in lockdown due to the coronavirus and…
May 11, 2020/by Judy Roper
As soon as the charity transferred funds, the food was purchased

Providing food parcels – 20 April 2020

In Kenya, as elsewhere, the population has been in lockdown since…
April 20, 2020/by Judy Roper
DGS and Coronavirus

Destiny Garden School and Covid-19 – 3 April 2020

You will be aware that the Covid-19 virus is spreading across…
April 3, 2020/by Judy Roper
Quiz Night 2020

Quiz Night – 28 February 2020

A successful Quiz Night raised much needed funds for Destiny…
February 28, 2020/by Judy Roper
Judy with the DGS Staff

Judy’s visit to Destiny Garden School – February 2020

Judy Roper, Trustee and Founder of Destiny Children, visited…
February 27, 2020/by Judy Roper
PP1 Class Photo 2020

Class Photos – February 2020

Boaz, the DGS Sponsorship Manager, has taken class photos –…
February 12, 2020/by Judy Roper
Spoons for the DGS Children

Spoons for the DGS children – January 2020

Nine year old Valerio asked for donations instead of birthday…
January 21, 2020/by Judy Roper
Year 8 Leavers

Farewell to the year 8 leavers – 10 January 2020

DGS gave the year 8 leavers a good send off and Jacob congratulated…
January 19, 2020/by Judy Roper