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Destiny Children News 2014

e-Christmas Card - Monday 10th November 2014

For the first time Destiny Children is producing an electronic Christmas card, which will have a link to a Christmas song by both the children at King’s School, Macclesfield, and Destiny Garden School.  We think it is a brilliant alternative to the traditional card and would love you to share it with your friends, family and e-Card Choirneighbours this Christmas. Just think of all the postage you will be saving!  In return, we simply ask for a donation to Destiny Garden School so they can continue with the excellent work they are doing in Mombasa. If you would be interested in doing this please contact us and we will send you more details.

This photo shows the DGS children practising the song.

Ceilidh - Saturday 11th October 2014

Ceilidh 2014 Band

A fun evening of scottish dance and music was had by all at Mykita, Macclesfield and much needed funds were raised for Destiny Garden School. We were dancing to the band ‘The Splendid Shilling’ -  http://www.splendidshilling.co.uk - their caller was great getting everyone up on the floor and guiding them through each dance.

More photos on - Ceilidh Photos

Bridge Drive - Friday 19 September 2014

Bridge Drive 2014A successful Charity Bridge Drive raised much needed funds for Destiny Garden School and will be enough to provide the
420 children at the School with a nutritious lunch for nine days – the pound goes a long way in Kenya! 

Many of the families of the children at the school struggle to make a living, and they sometimes find it very difficult to provide adequate food for their children; so the lunch the school gives to the children each day is hugely important.  Unfortunately we do not currently have sufficient sponsors to cover the cost of the lunches as well as the costs of the children’s education, so fund-raising events such as this help us to continue to provide this meal.

The Ice Bucket Challenge - 28 August 2014

Sam Ice Bucket Challenge

Sponsor, Sam Gardner,  took on the Ice Bucket Challenge and has given her generous donation to Destiny Garden School.  This, together with the Gift Aid, is enough to provide all 420 children with school lunches for two days!  

Gawsworth Coffee Morning – 14th August 2014

Gawsworth Coffee Morning
A very successful and enjoyable coffee morning was held at Gawsworth Methodist Church raising much needed funds for Destiny Garden School.

Many thanks go to all our helpers and to friends who made donations of cakes and books etc. and to Trustee Val who organised the event. A special thank you goes to Rev. Sheila Bishop who, as always, has been very supportive and helpful to the charity.

Macclesfield Treacle Market -  Sunday 27th July  

Treacle Market

Destiny Children were represented for the first time at the Treacle Market and it proved to be a fun day, helped by the lovely weather.  Activities and games  were organised for children, such as decorating biscuits and playing with balls, skipping ropes and a parachute, all on the grass area beside the stall. Many generous donations were received and these will go towards Destiny Garden School’s lunches for the children next term.

Treacle Market Treacle Market Treacle Market

Becoming Pen Pals with DGS Children - July 2014

PenPals PenPals PenPals

Several of our sponsors’ children have become pen pals with DGS children of a similar age.  Their letters are read out to the whole class, ensuring the children not sponsored are not left out, and they form part of the teacher’s English lesson. The photos here are of Dora and Omar reading out the letters they received from Ciaran and  Charlie, brother and sister from the UK, together with their replies.

If you would like to sponsor a child in a similar way please see details about the sponsorship programme and contact us for further details.

PenPalsPenPals PenPals

Victor's Visit to the UK - May 2014

Victor Ongola, the DGS school manager, recently spent 4 weeks in the UK as part of his training and development, learning more about the administration of the sponsorship programme. This was a great opportunity for him not only to see the UK, but also to learn how the charity works and to meet members of the committee. His trip was paid for by Pat and Judy Roper.

One of the tasks Victor helped with was editing and printing of the photographs of the staff and children which he had taken in April, so that he could give them all a copy on his return to Mombasa.  This created much excitement amongst  the children as they rarely see photos of themselves.

Victor's Photos Victor's Photos Victor's Photos

On his return to Mombasa, Victor gave a presentation to the staff at DGS on his trip to the UK. He also took back sufficeant funds to buy a cake and soft drinks, as a thank you from us for their continuing hard work. 

Victor's Presentation to DGS Staff Victor's Presentation to DGS Staff Victor's Presentation to DGS Staff







Victor  also gave a special PowerPoint presentation to every class in the primary school to let the children know about his experiences in the UK.

Victor presents his UK Experiences Victor presents his UK Experiences Victor presents his UK Experiences

Please see this link to read Victor’s report on his trip to the UK

Luke and his friends raise funds for DGS - April 2014

Luke, Patrick, Dylan, Reggie and Eoin from Ambrose College raised £30 by being silent for three hours! Luke

This was very enterprising of them and we were all impressed by their initiative. The funds raised from their sponsored silence will go towards buying new uniforms for four children at Destiny Garden School..

Unlike children in the UK, Kenyan children love to have new uniforms and are proud to wear them.   Many of the children at DGS do not have uniforms, as their parents or guardians can’t afford to buy them, and at least half that do, the uniforms are in very poor condition and need replacing. Some have become too short for the girls and they have to wear trousers underneath them.

In Kenya, the pound goes a long way; a DGS uniform costs 1,000 Kenyan shillings which, using a rate of 140ksh to the pound, is £7.14.

The photograph is of Luke presenting the proceeds of his friends' sponsored silence to Victor, the DGS Manager. Victor is currently in the UK, please see the news article below.

June 2014 - 5 needy children receive new uniforms thanks to Luke and his friends.

Before and After Photos
uniforms before uniforms after

Victor is in the UK ! - 14th April 2014

Victor Victor Ongola, the DGS school manager, is currently in the UK for 4 weeks, returning back to Mombasa on 10th May. He is here as part of his training and development, building his skills and learning more about how Destiny Children and the sponsorship programme work so he can help with the management of these when he is back in Mombasa. As the charity does not have any funds for travel etc, Victor’s trip to the UK has been paid for by Judy and Pat Roper, using the money that Judy was intending to spend visiting DGS this year.

This is Victor’s first time out of Africa and it is a great opportunity for him not only to see the UK, but also to learn how the charity works and to meet members of the committee.  This photo was taken at our committee meeting on 15th April when Victor was able to present his monthly report in person, and the committee were able to gain first-hand information on current topics, issues and developments at the school.

Bollywood comes to Bollington again - Saturday 29th March 2014

Destiny Children held a spectacular Bollywood evening on Saturday 29th March to raise much needed funds for Destiny Garden School. The evening, held at the Viceroy restaurant in Bollington, saw over 120 people enjoy Indian food, music and dancing, and raised £2,000 which will pay for the school lunches and drinking water for the DGS children next term.



Mina Ayoob, who facilitated and helped organise the event, said: ‘”Destiny Children does such great work helping provide a better future for the children at Destiny Garden School, giving them a good education and the basic welfare they need to survive”. 

Mina's niece, Dayana, an exquisite dancer all the way from Singapore, beautifully performed some traditional Indian dances, providing wonderful entertainment for everyone. Mina's daughter, Hana, designed the lovely posters and tickets.

Judy Roper, Trustee of the Destiny Children, commented: “

We are very grateful to the Viceroy for their support, to all who joined us at the Bollywood Night, and to Mina and the organising committee who put in such a huge amount of work to make it a success.”

Bollywood-2014 Bollywood-2014 Bollywood-2014

Our thanks go to Sham and his staff at the Viceroy who were so generous in all they did to make the event so enjoyable; and to all our friends and supporters who donated raffle prizes.


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