DGS and Coronavirus

Destiny Garden School and Covid-19 – 3 April 2020

You will be aware that the Covid-19 virus is spreading across the world, and we have received enquiries about the situation in Kenya, and particularly at Destiny Garden School.  Although Kenya does not have many cases as yet, the school closed a week early for their 5 week April holiday, as did all Kenyan schools.   It seems unlikely that they will return in May, so the teachers are busy preparing lessons that can be done at home, via WhatsApp as most families don’t have computers, but the majority do have mobile phones.

Destiny Children is sending funds to enable the school to continue to pay the staff salaries, and we are looking into ways in which it might be possible to help the children themselves.  Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus we had managed to raise enough money to pay for the children’s lunches up till July, and we are investigating the feasibility of diverting some of these funds to deliveries of basic foodstuffs to the poorest families.

We will try to update you on the progress of this initiative as it develops; in the meantime our heartfelt thanks go to all of our sponsors and supporters for their continuing support at a time when we are all facing unprecedented challenges.