Gifts That Make a Difference

Do you sometimes wonder what to say when someone asks you what you would like for your birthday or Christmas?  Or are you struggling to think of a suitable gift for a friend or family member?

Well, here is an idea that will not only solve the problem, but will also make a difference to the lives of the children at Destiny Garden School.

How about a row of tomato plants?  Or a goat or some new books for the school library.  Or  even fish food – the school are setting up a fish farm to provide food for the children?  There are many choices – see the complete list below.

All you need to do is send an email to saying what you are interested in, and whether you are buying it for yourself, or as a present for someone else.

Destiny Children will be in contact to discuss your choice and, once payment has been received, you will receive confirmation with a Gift Card, which can include a personal message if you wish.  This can be sent to you or to your intended recipient, as appropriate.  In due course, photos of the gift bought by the school will be available. Simple, fun, and very rewarding!

This is your chance to give or receive an unusual and thoughtful gift, whilst also helping the children at Destiny Garden School to transform their lives.

Gifts That Make a Difference – the selection

Gift Tomatoe Plants
£5 will buy 80 tomato or aubergine plants for the school vegetable plot to help feed the children.

£5 will pay for 55 school lunches

Gift Toys
£10 will buy educational toys for the kindergarten

Gift Library Books
will buy five new books for the school library

Gift Pens Paper
will provide pencils, sharpeners and erasers  for an entire class

Exercise Books
£15 will provide exercise books for each child in a class

Gift Beans
£20 will add fish to the midday meal for the whole school for a day

Sports Equipment
£25 will buy sports equipment to help with the children’s physical education

Gift Fruit
£30 will provide all the children with a piece of seasonal fruit, an orange or a banana, for a special lunch

Gift Text Books
will buy three textbooks; ones that are relevant to the Kenyan education curriculum

£45 will provide a school lunch for all 500 children

Gift Desks
£40 will buy a three-seater desk made by the local carpenter

Gift Goat
£45 will buy a goat to help feed the children with milk and cheese

Gift Lunch
£90 will provide all 500 children with a school lunch for two Days

Gift - Museum
£90 will pay for the children in one class to take an educational trip to the Mombasa Museum

Gift Educate a Child
£180 will educate a child for a whole academic year

We would be happy to tailor your gift; for example: £20 could buy 2 text books or £80 for 2 desk units.

Examples of the Gift Card

Handmade cards, similar to these examples, can be personalised and posted to you:

However if time is short, or you are sending this overseas, you could have an electronic voucher instead.  These can also be personalised:

Destiny Garden School Gift

Destiny Garden School Gift

Reverse side of the voucher

Destiny Garden School Gift