Gifts That Make a Difference

Do you sometimes wonder what to say when someone asks you what you would like for your birthday or Christmas?  Or are you struggling to think of a suitable gift for a friend or family member?

Well, here is an idea that will not only solve the problem, but will also make a difference to the lives of the children at Destiny Garden School.  Gifts that Make a Difference!

We hope that the regular monthly donations received from our child and school sponsors, plus UK Gift Aid where applicable, will be enough to cover the school’s basic running costs. But there are many other things we would like to buy if we had the money, such as extra books for the library, fruit at lunchtime or perhaps an educational class trip. This is where Gifts that Make a Difference can really help.

We have gifts to suit all pockets and these are listed below – click on the  link for the voucher which you can print and send to the recipient.

To Make A Payment please see the ‘Donate‘ page

Please use the reference ‘GTMAD’

Print the ‘Gift Voucher’ from the link below

To receive personalised feedback from Mombasa please email  after making the payment. Once the gift has been purchased you, or the recipient if you prefer, will get a thank you email with details and photos of the items in use. (Timing of this email may vary depending on the nature of the gift chosen,  school holidays and workload.)

Track Suit

will buy a child a pair of track suit uniform for games (sports).  Gift Voucher

Gift Pens Paper
will provide pencils, sharpeners and erasers  for an entire class.   Gift Voucher

Exercise Books
£15 will provide exercise books for each child in a class.  Gift Voucher

Gift Library Books

will buy additional books for the school library. Gift Voucher

Sports Equipment

will buy sports equipment to help with the children’s physical education.  Gift Voucher

Gift Fruit
£30 will provide all the children with a piece of seasonal fruit, an orange or a banana, for a special lunch. Gift Voucher

Gift Text Books
will buy textbooks; ones that are relevant to the Kenyan education curriculum’. Gift Voucher

£36 will buy a day’s school lunch for the entire school.  Gift Voucher


£74 will buy one month’s supply of hygienic sanitary pads for all the Upper Primary girls.  Gift Voucher

Gift - Museum
£90 will pay for the children in one class to take an educational trip.  Gift Voucher

Porridge and Snack

will buy a month’s nutritional porridge with a snack for the Pre-Primary school children.  Gift Voucher

Educate a child

will educate a child for a whole academic year.  Gift Voucher