Providing food parcels – 11 May 2020

Kenya continues to be in lockdown due to the coronavirus and many families of the DGS children are struggling to feed themselves.  Brenda, the DGS Sponsorship Director said “The situation in Mombasa is very bad; families are struggling to cope in lockdown and some are being thrown out of their rental homes by insensitive landlords, but the good news is the hope of having something to eat and that’s all we can do for now, and they asked we say to you a million thank yous.”

It is thanks to further generous donations from our supporters that Destiny Children were able to send funds for a second distributions of Food Parcels for 275 of the most disadvantaged DGS families.  Brenda adjusted the contents of the parcels as follows based on feedback from the first distribution. Due to rising food costs and the addition of soap and toothpaste, the parcels now cost around £14 each; they are enough to feed a family of three for 4 weeks, but of course many families are much larger.

  • 3kg Rice
  • 2 litres Oil
  • 3kg Maize Flour
  • 2kg Peas
  • Multipurpose Soap
  • Toothpaste

A local Mombasa clothing company made and donated 2,000 masks for the DGS families and these were distributed at the same time as the Food Parcels.  DGS also managed to buy  two thermometers for when the school resumes and the opportunity was taken to train a few staff on how to use them.

Jacob, the DGS Director says “All the parents and guardians, the District Officer and the DGS team  are very grateful for the donations which are helping to fight hunger and poverty in the Mtongwe area during this very difficult time.”