News 2023

food parcels following flood in Vijiweni, Mtongwe, Likoni, Kenya from Destiny Garden School

More Than 300 Families Recieve Food Parcels

More than 300 families living around Destiny Garden School have…
December 7, 2023/by kathyjames
Flooded family home Mombasa Destiny Garden School Kenya

Urgent Appeal for Help Following Floods

The recent El Nino rains in Mombasa have left families of Destiny…
November 25, 2023/by kathyjames
Floods Mombasa Kenya near Destiny Garden School supported by Destiny Children charity

Devatating floods hits Mombasa

The rainy season has begun in Kenya and Mombasa is currently…
November 20, 2023/by kathyjames
Class 8 and Grade 6 after the last exam paper of the national exams Destiny Garden School, Mombasa Kenya

End of Term 3 Events

With term 3 coming to an end, there have been a few nice events…
November 18, 2023/by kathyjames
Destiny Children Charity Dinner Dance 2023

Charity Dinner Dance – 11th November 2023

A very successful event organised by keen supporter, Elizabeth…
November 15, 2023/by kathyjames
Queensgate Primary School, Bramhall. Cake sale supporting charity Destiny Children for a Destiny Garden School, Mobasa, Kenya

Queensgate Bake Sale

Queensgate Primary School in Bramhall, Cheshire have become a…
November 14, 2023/by kathyjames
End year examination at Destiny Garden School, Mombasa Kenya supported by Destiny Children

End Year Examinations 2023

On 16th October grades 1,2,3,4 and 5 started their end year …
October 16, 2023/by kathyjames
End of Term 2

Destiny Garden School on Holiday  – 11th August 2023

Destiny Garden School  broke up on 11th August for their holidays…
August 11, 2023/by Judy Roper
DGS now have Computers

Computers for Destiny Garden School – July 2023

Thanks to very generous donations DGS have been able to purchase…
July 28, 2023/by Judy Roper
The new Disabled Toilet

Disabled Children to Join DGS – July 2023

Destiny Garden School has started a project to make the school…
July 18, 2023/by Judy Roper
Author Prof. Thomas reads her new children's book

Prof. Ramona Thomas Visits DGS – 26th June 2023

Destiny Garden School had the incredible honour of hosting…
June 26, 2023/by Judy Roper
The staff at DGS

DGS Staff Receive a Bonus – 30th April 2023

A very generous donation from one of our sponsors who raised…
April 30, 2023/by Judy Roper
The school's closing assembly

Destiny Garden School on Holiday  – 21st April 2023

Destiny Garden School  broke up on 21st April for their…
April 21, 2023/by Judy Roper
Sponsoring a Class - could your group consider supporting a class

Sponsoring a Class

Could you and your work/club/organisation/other group consider…
March 18, 2023/by Judy Roper
The ratio of text books to children can be as much as 1:4 for some subjects

Textbooks needed for Destiny Garden School

Funds for additional textbooks needed for Destiny Garden School. …
March 4, 2023/by Judy Roper
Morning Porridge

Africa Watoto Contributes to DGS’s Feeding Programme

Africa Watoto (watoto in Swahili language means children),…
February 26, 2023/by Judy Roper
Painting Pre-Primary Classes

Painting the Pre-Primary classes

A generous donation from Rotary has enabled Destiny Garden School…
February 3, 2023/by Judy Roper
Destiny Garden School

A new education system in Kenya

January 2023 saw the implementation  of the new system of education…
January 30, 2023/by Judy Roper
New School Year 2023

New School Year – January 2023

Destiny Garden School opened on 23rd January 2023 for the start…
January 24, 2023/by Gail Delaney