News 2021

Text Books Donated

Gifts That Make A Difference

Do you sometimes wonder what to say when someone asks you what…
December 6, 2021/by Judy Roper
DGS High School Students

High School Places for DGS Students – August 2021

Destiny Garden School provides a good education for children…
August 10, 2021/by Judy Roper
Graduation Day for PP2 Children

Graduation Day for the P-P2 Children – July 2021

The annual Pre-Primary2 graduation party finally took place this…
July 25, 2021/by Judy Roper
Electronic Piano demonstration

Music at DGS – July 2021

Patrick Treadwell, a music teacher, has been keen to promote…
July 18, 2021/by Judy Roper
Letters to DGS

Letters to Destiny Garden School

A few of our sponsors, or their children, write to their sponsored…
July 13, 2021/by Judy Roper
Landscape Work at DGS

Improvements to DGS’s Grounds and Classes – June 2021

Thanks to funds from a past DGS supporter, the school has been…
July 3, 2021/by Judy Roper
DCC Zoom Meeting June 2021

Annual General Meeting –  21 June 2021

Destiny Children’s AGM was held on Monday 21st June 2021 via…
June 21, 2021/by Judy Roper
DGS - School Lunches

School Lunches – May 2021

Many of the families of the children at the school struggle to…
May 14, 2021/by Judy Roper
PP2 CLASS 2021 Learning with teacher Janet

PP2 Class Assessments – Term One 2021

During the first term this year the DGS Pre-Primary Class 2,…
April 10, 2021/by Judy Roper
Taking the KCPE Exams

Class 8 Take Their Final Exams – March 2021

The pupils in Class 8 sat their Kenya Certificate of Primary…
March 30, 2021/by Judy Roper
Masks for DGS Children

How DGS Managed the Pandemic – 10 January 2021

Thanks to the continued support of our sponsors, generous donations,…
January 10, 2021/by Judy Roper
Back to School 4 January 2021

Children return to school – 4th January 2021

2020 was difficult year for many all over the world but thanks…
January 4, 2021/by Judy Roper
Food Parcels distributed from the school grounds

Message of Gratitude and Hope from DGS

Destiny Garden School’s musical teachers, some of the pupils…
January 1, 2021/by Judy Roper