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Destiny Children News 2009


Guy Visits Destiny Garden School – Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010  

Guy Volunteering at DGSGuy Tolhurst, a keen supporter of DGS, escaped cold and snowy UK and spent it in Mombasa working at Destiny Garden School and having, in his words,  ‘the most rewarding time of his life.’

Guy brought with him Christmas presents of Magic Slates for each of the 180 children and also provided the school with a goat, which gave them a delicious and nutritious Christmas dinner.

After the Christmas celebrations and during the school break,  the school became a holiday camp.  Guy therefore had plenty of playtime with the children, teaching them many different games.  Two football matches were organised against other schools, the second one being won by Destiny Garden School! 

See this link for Guy's report on the DGS School website - Guy’s Full Report and photos 

Val holds a Book Sale -  Saturday 5th December  2009 

Val's Book Sale


Friends and family dropped by for a cuppa and a piece of home made cake, bringing and buying books which raised funds to go towards the school’s costs in December.





Nadine’s ’Fat Friday’

Nadine, the daughter of Destiny Children committee member, Val, held a fund raising events before she went to DGS to do voluntary work.  On Fridays Nadine’s Office treat themselves to cakes or chocolates,  and it has become known as their ’Fat Fridays.’ 

Nadine's Fat Friday EventNadine's Fat Friday Event

On Friday 29th January, Nadine, with her mother’s help, took the opportunity to bake same cakes for the office.  Everyone appreciated having home make cakes for a change and not only paid for them but made some generous donations for Destiny Garden School.  Nadine bought a few musical instruments with the proceeds and took them to the school in March.

Nadine's Fat Friday EventNadine's Fat Friday Event

Kathy Climbs  Mt. Kilimanjaro - 12 October 2009

Kathy at the top of Kili

Kathy James, who is on the committee of Destiny Children,  raised funds for both Destiny Garden School and the Mombasa hospital she did voluntary work at by successfully climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro - 5,895 metres (19,341 ft).    

Well done Kathy!

Judy Volunteers - August/September 2009

Judy with Masikah getting a child's profie and photosCommittee member, Judy Roper, joined her sister Jacky in September 2009 with the main aim to build a school website and to set up a pupil sponsorship programme.  This entailed gathering information, taking photos, and writing a profile on all the children. 

Judy was so impressed with what Jacob is trying to do in Mombasa and the enthusiasm of the children at Destiny Garden School, that she felt she had to do something to keep this school going. With the help from her very good friends, the charity 'Destiny Children' was set up through which the sponsorship programme and fund raising for the school is run. 


Judy raised funds for Sports Equipment  -  22 August 2009 

Judy, Jackie's sister, and her friends and family raised funds to buy some sports equipment for the Children at Destiny Garden School and to help build the new Storage/Office block  in which to store all the new equipment.

Sports equipment for the School

Jacky Volunteers - May to November 2009

Jackie donating footballs to the school

Jacky Price, committee member Judy's sister, decided to do voluntary work in Africa instead of having a 6 month luxury cruise and was pleased to find that she was involved in setting up a new school in a very poor suburb of Mombasa.

The enthusiasm and dedication of the founder Jacob and his wife, Brenda, and also the early team they had gathered around them, quickly impressed her and Destiny Garden School was established.

With some help from friends back home, Jacky purchased chairs, desks and uniforms for the children and taught the school’s administrator, Masikah, basic book keeping, whilst setting up the school accounts for Brenda to control.

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