Judy’s Visit to Destiny Garden School – June/July 2016

Judy showing photos to the 'Baby' Class

Judy showing photos to the ‘Baby’ Class

Judy Roper, Trustee and Founder of Destiny Children, visited Destiny Garden School during June/July 2016. Her principal job whilst there was to update the Charity’s records and the School Business Plan, and to review the information on all the 430 children now at the school in connection with the sponsorship programme. Judy says:

The visit was great and it was very rewarding to see how Destiny Garden School has progressed, although it still has some way to go.  It was wonderful to see all the children again; they are so appreciative of everything that the school does for them.  All the staff are dedicated and they work well together as a team.  Jacob, the School Director, works hard to ensure the school’s success and is very well respected by the people in the local community. Brenda, his wife who is also a School Director, takes a keen interest in how DGS operates. Boaz, the School Manager who joined us in March 2016, has settled in well and is producing some excellent work.”

To see some notes and photos of her visit please see this link – Judy’s-Visit-to-Mombasa-Web-Report.pdf

NB – 100% of all the funds Destiny Children receives, including the Gift Aid, go directly to Destiny Garden School.  Judy’s visit to Mombasa was funded entirely by Judy herself.