Article in INSIDE Magazine – June 2015

INSIDE published an article about Macclesfield schoolgirl Madeline Burton and her pen-pal, Mwanankombo at DGS, Mombasa:  see Inside Article June 2015.

Maddy handing her pen pal letter to Victor

Maddy handing her pen pal letter to Victor, the DGS School Manager.


Maddy met Victor during his UK visit and was able to give him her reply to Mwanankombo’s letter.

Several of our sponsors’ children have become pen pals with DGS children of a similar age.  Their letters are read out to the whole class, ensuring the children not sponsored are not left out, and they form part of the teacher’s English lesson.

If you would like to sponsor a child in a similar way please see this link for details about the sponsorship programme.