DCC Zoom Meeting June 2021

Annual General Meeting –  21 June 2021

Destiny Children’s AGM was held on Monday 21st June 2021 via Zoom.  It has been a challenging year for both the charity and DGS due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the charity,  the main challenge has been raising the necessary funds: Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions in the UK have meant the charity has been unable to organise fundraising events and they were reluctant to keep asking for more from their supporters as many UK families are themselves facing hardships due to the pandemic.

For Destiny Garden School, their main challenges have been purchasing food and Covid-19 safe items with ever increasing prices and demand, keeping the school maintained whilst closed for so many months, selecting those DGS families most in need of emergency food supplies.

However, challenges were overcome with the generous help from our supporters –please see Destiny-Children-AGM-2021 detailing how this was achieved.