Destiny Garden School

Destiny Garden School Start a New Term – January 2019

Destiny Garden School resumed back on 2nd January after a their long 2 month holiday break – we wish then all the best for 2019.

Chick Flicks at Park Tavern

Chick Flick Night – 22 May 2018

Those who kindly supported the Destiny Children chick flick certainly had a treat! Rebecca at the Park Tavern as usual pulled out all the stops and our ‘supper’ was fantastic! Plentiful and delicious. The film ‘Wonder’ was very uplifting and there was not a dry eye in the house! As an added bonus we raised £100 which will go towards some benches for the new dining shelter. A big thank you to all who attended.

Tracy Norton's Challenge

Could you live on £1 a day? – January 2018

Sponsor Tracy Norton has raised over £1,100 for Destiny Garden School by living on £1 a day for 28 days.

In 2016, she raised over £2,000 for DGS by living on £1 a day for 21 days and this time, she raised the stakes by extending the challenge to a gruelling 28 days.

In her first challenge, Tracy used herbs, spices and oil from her own store cupboards to liven up the food, but this time, she lived strictly only on what money could buy within her £28 budget. She said “my budget was extremely tight and it did make it more difficult having to include cooking oil, herbs and spices within that budget”.

Tracy said her friends, family and work colleagues all thought she was bonkers (and after running out of coffee towards the end of the challenge, she started to think they were right!). “It had its ups and downs and I really missed my fresh fruit and veg” said Tracy “but it has all been worth it to see the funds that everyone has so generously donated and to know that 100% of this will go directly to the school for the benefit of the children”.

Tracy told Destiny Children Charity that she hopes to have raised awareness of the school and the work carried out by them via the updates she posted on Social Media throughout the 28 day challenge.

DCC do such a great job and they are supported by committed and passionate trustees and committee members who are dedicated to improving the lives of the children at Destiny Garden School. I am very humbled by the work you all do and it’s a real honour to contribute where I can. I hope to have raised awareness of the charity and the school at the same time as raising the extra funds”.

Tracy has been a keen supporter and sponsor of Destiny Garden School for a number of years.


Snowflakes raise funds for DGS – January 2018

The staff at Allies and Morrison Architects raised over £560 for Destiny Garden School over Christmas by designing snowflakes for their Christmas decorations and selling them at their annual party.  These funds are going towards dining tables and benches for the new Dining Shelter that they designed.

Dining Shelter Progress Report – 12th December 2017

Work is progressing well;  the office section has been built,  the framework for the dining section nearly complete, and we hope the roof will go up shortly.  For more photos and a full report on the progress of the Dining Shelter construction, please see this report.

Tino, Henry and Richard's Visit

Tino, Henry & Richard visit DGS – 30 November 2017

Tino from Allies and Morrison, and Henry & Richard from Arup, made a site visit to DGS to monitor the progress of the new Dining Shelter construction.   Their key objectives were to:

  • Help the contractor deliver the design they have worked on for the last few months in London.
  • Learn from the contractors experience, exchange knowledge about construction and how things are built in their 2 countries.
  • Build relationship and trust with each other for possible future projects in Kenya.

For photos and more details on their visit see this report.

Charity Auction

AUCTION ANTICS! – 9 November 2017

A very successful event organised by Trustee Martin Sutcliffe which raised over £3,000 for Destiny Garden School.  The charity auction was supported by Adam Partridge, of “Cash in the Attic” and “Bargain Hunt” fame, who gave an interesting and very amusing talk about life as an auctioneer.  Macclesfield United Reformed Church halls proved to be an ideal venue and our thanks go to them and all those who supported the event.


End of Year Celebrations

End of Year Celebrations – October 2017

Destiny Garden School broke up on the 24th October, a bit earlier than usual due to the Kenyan election, and are now on holiday until 2 January 2018; this is their main holiday as the Kenyan school year is from January to December.   The school website will shortly have more photos of the end of year celebrations and the Kindergarten class 3 graduation.

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor visits DGS – October 2017

Architect Mark Taylor, from Allies & Morrison London, travelled to Mombasa to undertake a site visit for the proposed new Dining Shelter.  He measured the ground levels and dimensions and interviewed prospective contractors tendering to undertake the construction of the building, ensuring that they understood the requirements of the designs.  Mark was accompanied by his wife Junko –  the visit was a great success; please see link for their report.

Gawsworth Coffee Morning

Gawsworth Coffee Morning – 28 September 2017

A very successful and enjoyable coffee morning was held at Gawsworth Methodist Church Hall raising much needed funds for Destiny Garden School. The funds raised will go towards school lunches for the children at DGS – the pound goes a long way in Kenya and this will provide all 470 children with a nutritious school lunch for 8 days.

Many thanks to all our volunteer helpers and to all those who donated to the event.


A Dining Shelter for DGS

A Dining Shelter for Destiny Garden School

A Dining Shelter is going to be built during Destiny Garden School’s holiday in November and December. We are very fortunate that volunteers from two top London firms; architects, Allies and Morrison and engineers, Arup, have given both their time and expertise free of charge to design the Dining Shelter, which will become a multi-functional area for the school. A generous donation and grants from the Rotary Club of Knutsford and the Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust have enabled us to fund the project.

Auction Poster MS x1

AUCTION ANTICS! – 9 November 2017

There are  tickets available for this event which is being held at the Macclesfield United Reformed Church halls.  An auction hosted by Adam Partridge, of “Cash in the Attic” and “Bargain Hunt” fame.  Adam is going to talk about life as an auctioneer, give an insight behind the scenes as a TV presenter, a quiz guessing the value of antiques and preside over an auction of items and experiences in aid of Destiny Garden School.

Tickets are £10 and include light refreshments, and there will be a cash bar. If you’d like to come please contact Judy Roper on 01625  434262.

Elizabeth's Coffee Morning

Elizabeth’s Coffee Morning – 16 May 2017

Elizabeth, keen supporter of Destiny Garden School, held a designer sale and coffee morning at her house. Lots of laughter over coffee and cakes as well as browsing through the large variety of designer goods on sale including handbags, jewellery, scarves, boots.  10 % of her sales were donated to Destiny Children and this provided all 470 children at DGS with a nutritious school lunch for 2 days.

Mike Hamlett ready for the London Marathon

Mike Runs the London Marathon for DGS – 23 April 2017

Congratulations to Mike Hamlett who completed the London Marathon in 4 hours 38 minutes and raised funds for Destiny Garden School and Children in Need.   The funds he raised for DGS, Mombasa, are enough to ensure all 470 children have a nutritious school lunch for 11 days. Our thanks go to Mike; this is going to be a great help to the school.

Lunch at DGS

School Lunches Term One – April 2017

Several generous donations have ensured that DGS has been able to provide a nutritious lunch during this first term  – our grateful thanks go them and the donors include Stella Bili of Africa Watoto, sponsor Tracy Norton and the staff from Allies and Morrison Architects.

Providing lunch for  our 470 children is important, not only for their well-being and for their ability to learn effectively, but also to help ensure the children attend school.  At home many of the parents and guardians from this very needy neighbourhood  find it difficult to provide adequate food and are grateful knowing their children will receive a nutritious school lunch each day.

Supplies for DGS

Supplies for Destiny Garden School – February 2017

At the start of every term Destiny Garden School needs a supply of exercise books and stationery.  The parents and guardians of the children cannot afford to buy these so the school relies on donations.  Thanks to Kings’ School, the Neovia Supply Team and other generous donations, the charity was able to provide funds to buy the necessary items needed for this term. For more details and photos see this link to the school website.

Chick Flicks at Park Tavern

‘Chick Flick’ Night – Friday 10 March 2017 7.00pm

At the Park Tavern, Macclesfield, showing – The Danish Girl’  

£10 entry – includes a  buffet and cake!

For tickets and further details please contact Val Lear –

01625 421676 or 07769 994117 or email

Opening Day Assembly

Destiny Garden  School Year Starts – 6th January 2017

After a two month holiday Destiny Garden School reopened. January is the start of the new school year in Kenya and we wish the children and staff members all the best for 2017.

King's School

King’s School raise funds for Destiny Garden School

A Christmas Post Office service run by Year 4 pupils and a retiring collection taken at the Junior Carol Service collection raised over £760 for Destiny Garden School. Our thanks go to King’s Infant and Junior pupils and to all the parents and friends whose generosity produced such a marvellous total. It is very much appreciated. These funds will go towards providing the pupils at Destiny Garden School with the exercise books needed for next term.

Swing into Spring Ball

Spring Ball 2017 – Saturday 11th March 2017

We still have 2 tables of 10 or 12 available for our Swing into Spring Ball 2017 on Saturday 11th March 2017.

This black tie dinner dance is being held  at Hollin Hall, Kerridge, near Bollington.  Tickets, £48 each,include a three course meal and dancing to the fabulous band “Bring on the Swing”.

Tickets can be obtained from Elizabeth on 01625 427022.

Tracy Norton's Challenge

Tracy’s Challenge – £1 a Day Nov/Dec 2016

Tracy is raising much needed funds for Destiny Garden School by challenging herself to “live on £1 a day” for 21 days!!  She started on Monday 14th November and is now a third of the way through.

All the best Tracy – when you get hungry just think that £730 raised will provide 420 hungry children at DGS with a school lunch for a whole month; the pound goes a long way in Kenya!  For more information see Tracy’s page

****  Stop Press  15 December 2016 – Tracy achieved her challenge and exceeded her target by raising over £1,700 for Destiny Garden School.  For details on how she did this, her shopping list and recipes see – Tracy’s Challenge – The Results! ****

Traditional African Dance Group entertain parents at the End of Year

End of Year Celebrations – 27 October 2016

Destiny Garden School broke up for their long school holidays – 28 October 2016 to 2 January 2017. End of Year celebrations took place with prize giving, entertainment, a special meal and the graduation of the Kindergarten class 3 children to Primary class 1 level. For details and photos please see – DGS End of Year Celebrations

Annual General Meeting – 17 June 2016

Destiny Children’s sixth AGM was held on 17th June 2016 at The Tea Kitchen, Macclesfield. It has been a busy year and the Destiny Children team have worked well, enabling the charity to cover the running costs of Destiny Garden School, Mombasa. Their thanks go to all the charity’s sponsors and supporters, without whom this would not have been possible.  A presentation detailing some of the events that have taken place both in the UK and in Mombasa was shown – please see AGM 2016 Destiny Children web

Rebecca Lo

Rebecca Runs for DGS – 12 June 2016

Congratulations to Rebecca Lo who completed the Color Run at Wembley Park, London.  She  raised over £850 for Destiny Garden School, Mombasa – which is fantastic and is going to be a great help to the school.

Quiz Night 2016

Quiz Night – Friday 10th June 2016

A successful Quiz Night raised much needed funds for Destiny Garden School and will be enough to provide all 420 children at the School with a nutritious lunch for a month – the pound goes a long way in Kenya! Many thanks to all who supported the event and to Chris, our Quizmaster.

Boaz Muoga, new DGS Manager

Boaz joins Destiny Garden School – 1st March 2016

We welcome Boaz Muoga as the new Destiny Garden School manager.

Victor Ongola left DGS at the end of February and moved to a school nearer his family, a move that should progress his career. He has very successfully undertaken the School Manager’s role for the last 5 years and has been a great help in developing the sponsorship programme – he will be missed.

Boaz Muoga joined the school at the beginning of January and Victor, who has been training him, handed the position over to Boaz with effect from 1st March 2016.

Africa Watoto provide the kindergarten children's lunches

Africa Watoto Fund Lunches for the Kindergarten Children

Africa Watoto, a UK charity run by Stella Bili, has funded the school lunch programme for the kindergarten children at Destiny Garden School during the last year. This has been a great help to the charity as we currently have a shortfall of funds to cover the full running costs of the School. Providing the DGS children with a nutritious lunch is very important to us as for many this is the only proper meal they receive during the day. We are doing all we can to recruit more sponsors to cover this shortfall and if you can help please see ‘sponsor’

End of Year 2015 Celebrations

End of Year 2015 Celebrations

Generous donations received from our sponsors and supporters enabled Destiny Garden School to put on a wonderful ‘End of Year’ event to celebrate another successful year. The graduation of the Kindergarten Class 3 students took place, prizes were awarded to the high achievers, all the children received a gift as an early Christmas present, and, for the first time, we were able to provide all the staff with a much appreciated gift of supermarket vouchers in recognition of their hard work during the year.

A special meal for the children and their parents or guardians was organised and the event helped to emphasise the importance and rewards of education and promoted a sense of community.

For the full report and photos please see the Destiny Garden School website

Lauren and Izzy raise funds for DGS

Lauren and Izzy raise funds – 22nd October

Friends, Lauren and Izzy aged 7, took part in a charities day at school where they had to plan and run a stall to raise money for charity. They organised a lucky dip where participants could win either a sweet, a cake or a teddy bear. Together they raised £21 for the children at Destiny Garden School, Mombasa.

The pound goes a long way in Kenya and this will be enough to provide 350 children at the school with a nutritious lunch. Many thanks and well done Lauren and Izzy.

Text Books for DGS

Used books buy new books for DGS – September 2015

Much to the delight of the teachers and children, a large donation enabled Destiny Garden School to buy much needed text books.  A sponsor and keen supporter of DGS has set up a project in the UK selling donated books to second-hand book dealers.  This entails a great deal of research shopping around for the best deals, but the results have been great.

If you live near Macclesfield and have any unwanted, good quality books please contact committee member Judy Roper on 01625 434262.  A level and University text books are particularly sought after, as are books and  CDs on travel and languages. We can also take DVDs, Xbox/Play Station and Wii games.

Yogathon for Africa Watoto

Yogathon raises funds for DGS – 12 September 2015

Sharelove yoga raised funds for Africa Watoto, a charity providing lunches for the kindergarten children at DGS this year. Our thanks go to all those yoga enthusiasts.  For more details please see the school website – DGS Website