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The Leicester Shoe Box Challenge

Shoe Boxes Thank You

Amy and Mark's family, friends, colleagues and supporters have met the challenge and within the month collected and filled all 245 shoe boxes together with lots of generous donations for Destiny Garden School. The boxes are now in storage waiting the container departure - watch this space for their progress.

A big thank you to all who have contributed -

  • Oadby Rotary Club
  • Mr Sullieman of Amico Packaging
  • Caterpillar Inc
  • BBC Radio Leicester
  • Leicester Mercury
  • Jaguar Landrover
  • GP Garden Services, Wigston, Leicester
  • Alex Andersen, Denmark/ Holland
  • Ann Hairdressing, Wigston, Leicester
  • Gabbi Hairdressing
  • Shoe Zone, Leicester
  • Stead & Stimpson, Leicester
  • Riker, Market Harborough
  • Cut Price Shoes, Oadby, Leicester
  • Sketchley Grange Hotel, Leicester
  • Regency Hotel, Leicester and other Leicester Hotels for all donations
  • Kay West, Leicester Community News. 
  • and also Family, Friends and Friends of Friends

The Shoe Boxes contained the following number of items -

        • Toiletries - 1,936
        • Stationary - 2,568
        • Clothing - 1,195
        • Toys - 581
        • Misc Items - 421

To see a full list of the items donated for the 245 Shoe Boxes and for the 11 packing boxes, please see this link - Inventory


Amy on Radio Leicester making her first appeal for Shoe Boxes - 6th April 2011Amy on Radio Leicester

Amy packing the first pallet box with filled shoe boxes
Amy packing the first pallet box

Shoe Boxes overtake Amy's lounge and Dining room
Shoe boxesShoe Boxes

Amy and her Mum typing out the Inventories
Typing the Inventories

Amy's Mum sorting out donations
Amy's mother sorting out donations

The Shoe boxes leave Leicester on Monday 16th May to start their journey to Mombasa Mark's Artic

The photo below shows the container's conversion into mechanics workshops, which will run vocational training courses for disadvantaged boys in Mombasa
Conversion of the Shipping Container

Spipping Container



Unfortunately the conversion of the shipping container was delayed but it was finally loaded up with the shoe boxes for DGS, Mombasa, on
28th July. It is expected to set sail during the weekend of 30th July 2011.

To follow its progress -

Bill of lading Voyage number FL781E. 

Bill of Lading number GB1417338






The Original Appeal

The Challenge - 245 boxes – 1 for each child – 1 month (APRIL)

Any with DGS Children

Amy and Mark booked a trip to Kenya in February 2011 for some winter sun and wanted to do something worthwhile whilst there, so they spent a few days at Destiny Garden School. They found the experience life changing and on their return to the UK want to continue to make a difference. This is their first challenge!

Amy says " we have been offered space in a shipping container destined for Mombasa, This is a great opportunity to get some essentials to the children at Destiny Garden School. There are 245 children at DGS and to get a small box to each would be fantastic.  Please help where you can; please see a guide below as to what would be fantastic in each box.
Shoe Box Challenge

• Toothbrush & Toothpaste
• Shower Gel/ Soap/ Sponge
• Shampoo/ Conditioner
• Insect Repellent – tropical strength
• T-Shirt/ Shorts / Shoes
• Underwear/ Socks
• Books/ Small Toys/ Jigsaw/ puzzles
• Pens/ Pencils/ Colouring Books
• Other essentials

Time is short and we’d really appreciate your help in making this happen. Please choose a boy or girl and an age and let me know, that way I can cross a child off our list and give you a name; this way we can make it personal to the children there."

Amy Pullin & Mark Griffiths

Amy can be contacted via -

Read Amy and Mark's report on their Mombasa trip


DGS Children

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