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Pencil Case Project

Pencil Case ProjectJane Ainslie, a friend of Destiny Garden School, offered us, free of charge, space in a shipping container sailing to Mombasa Kenya in June 2010. This was an offer too good to miss and we decided to try and provide pencil cases to each of the children.

Why pencil cases?  Committee member Val visited Destiny Garden school withher daughter Nadine in April this year and noticed that only one child in the school had a pencil case and it was a very treasured possession. We therefore thought it would be great if all the children in the school owned a pencil case.  Kings school Junior Division, together with friends, family and Macclesfield Rotary Club, were asked to search their drawers and cupboards for old pencil cases and contents that were no longer needed.   The response we got has been outstanding, not only did we get old pencil cases but also many new, so many that we are sure the shops in Macclesfield will have noticed a distinct run on them from their shelves! We also received some very generous donations of money to go towards the project.
A Mountain of Pencil CasesWe have therefore been able to fill 230 pencil cases, one each for the 205children, one for each of the teachers and spares for any new pupils when they join. Everything was packed into large box files which were in turn packed into 6 packing cases and dispatched on Saturday 5th June. The cases will be loaded into the container then onto the ship by early July. When the ship arrives in Mombasa, Jane will be there to supervise its unpacking and will personally take and distribute its contents to each of the children at Destiny Garden School.

Pencil Cases in Box File


Pencil cases were put in box files for each class








Pencil Case Labelled





Each Pencil Case was labeled with the child's name and a thumbnail photo



Sweets for the Children

2 sweets were originally placed in each pencil case but, as we thought they might melt in the heat during transit and become a sticky mess, they were removed and packed separately




Teachers' Box File

A Box File for each of the teachers was filled with paper, files, scissors, chalk etc., together with their own pencil case







More pencil cases of all shapes and sizes

Pencil Cases

Pencil Cases

All the Pencil cases were put into six large packing cases and, on Saturday 5th June 2010, started their journey to Mombasa.

Boxed Pencil Cases on their way to Mombasa


The packing cases being loaded on the shipping container which is was on the  vessel"CMA CGM Musca" due to sail on the Saturday 19th June and will arrive in Mombasa on 2nd August. 

Shipping Container


Jane collected items for 6 Kenyan schools, 3 in Niarobi and 3 in Mombasa, and in the end the shpping container had 12,715 items including

3,740 pens and pencils
2,294 books
2,094 items of clothing
995 notebooks
957 games and other toys
544 bats and balls
260 filled pencil cases
178 baby toys
149 storage boxes
124 pillows, duvets and covers
111 tubes toothpaste
106 jigsaw puzzles
79 bags and purses
67 chairs
24 bikes, scooters and ride on toys
22 desks
and 3 train set play tables

11 October 2010

The shipping container in Mombasa was finally released – it got stuck in customs for a couple of months!!

When the boxes were delivered to Destiny Garden School, there was great excitement amongst both the children and staff; Jacob said  “ the children and teachers were  full of joy and the school has been blessed by your efforts  ...  we received items beyond our expectations  ... it brought a ray of hope to the teachers’. 

Boxes arrive!

The children loved their pencil cases!

Pencil Cases

The Teachers with their boxes - they were delighted that they hadn't been forgotten!

Teachers' Boxes

Pencil Cases

Jane's Shipping Container contained much needed tables and chairs

Pencil Cases


Masikah with the Children's Encyclopedias donated by Julia

Masikah with the Encyclopedias


The 6 packing cases for Destiny Garden School contained -

Destiny Garden School Assignment - Boxes 1 to 6
Item Details Box Item Details Box
Box File 1
Pencil Cases  - Baby Class x 23
Box File 13
Pencil Cases - Class 4 x 12
Box File 2
Pencil Cases - KG1 x 23
Box File 14
Teachers Pack - Baby Class
Box File 3
Pencil Cases - KG2 x 16
Box File 15
Teachers Pack - KG1
Box File 4
Pencil Cases - KG2 x 16 + Spare x 2
Box File 16
Teachers Pack - KG2
Books Vol 1-3  Encyclopedias x 3 volumes
Books Vol 14 - 17
Encyclopedias x 4 volumes
Box File 5
Pencil Cases - KG3 x 21
Box File 6
Pencil Cases - KG3 x 9 + Spare 7
Box File 17
Teachers Pack - KG3
Box File 7
Pencil Cases - Class 1 x 16
Box File  18
Teachers Pack - Class 1
Box File 8
Pencil Cases - Class 1 x 11 + Class 2 x 4
Box File  19
Teachers Pack - Class 2
Books Vol 4-8  Encyclopedias x 5 volumes
Box File  20
Teachers Pack - Class 3
Box File 9
Pencil Cases - Class 2 x 24
Books Vol 18 - 20 Encyclopedias x 3 volumes
Box File 10
Pencil Cases - Class 3 x 7 + Class 4 x 4
Bag for Julius Game - Elastic (50 mtrs)  & Balls (8) 
Box File 11
Pencil Cases - Class 3 x 11
Bags Sweets for the children - 4 bags
Box File 12
Pencil Cases - Class 4 x 11
Box File  21
Teachers Pack - Class 4
Books Vol 9-13 Encyclopedias x 5 volumes
Box File 22
School Administrator Pack
Size & 
Box File 23
Stores 1 - Stationery
All Boxes Measure - 
41.5cm x 42cm x 41.5cm
Box File 24
Stores 2 - Stationery
Box 1 = 15.7 Kg    Box 2 = 17.7 Kg      Box 3 = 18.9 Tin 1 Felt Tip Pens 
Box 4 = 21.8 Kg    Box 5 = 22.5 Kg      Box 6 = 22.1 Kg Tin 2 Assortment of stationery items 
      Bags Sweets for the children - 5 bags



DGS Children

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