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Classrooms 7 & 8 and an Examination Hall needed at DGS

Can you please help to complete this building?

Plans for Class7 and 8 Plans for Class7 and 8

At the start of the Kenyan academic year, in January 2013, our oldest children moved up to class 7, but their classroom is still being built. They have therefore remained in their old classroom and DGS has not yet recruited children into the baby class.

During 2012, Destiny Children and our supporters managed to raise £7,200 to build classroom 7. However, the Kenyan Educational Authorities advised the school that it must have an Examination Hall so that the class 7 pupils can take their mock Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education examinations. It is, therefore, more economical to build a larger classroom than originally planned. This room will be able to accommodate both class 7 and class 8, with a partition wall which will enable it to double up as an Examination Hall when required.  Building this larger room now, which will have a higher roof requiring reinforcements and better foundations, will ultimately save £6,000, but the immediate costs mean that we need to raise a further £12,600 as soon as possible.

Can you help? Perhaps you would consider arranging a fundraising event for DGS - for example you might hold a coffee morning, a dinner party, or a cake/book sale;you could undertake a sponsored challenge, or make collections among your friends, family and colleagues.   Please see below on how to make donations.

The photograph here shows the location of the current classrooms and the site for classrooms 7 and 8. Please read 'Classrooms at DGS' below for details of how the existing classrooms were funded.


Photos taken on 28 March 2013 - pillars being built to support the heavy beam and dividing doors. Concreting work and  a machine to vibrate the pillars to strengthen themClassrooms 7 & 8 and an Examination Hall Classrooms 7 & 8 and an Examination Hall

Photos taken on 25 March 2013 - brickwork dried and work to support the roof starts.
Classrooms 7 & 8 and an Examination Hall Classrooms 7 & 8 and an Examination Hall

Photos taken on 11 March 2013 - the rains delay progress.
Classrooms 7 & 8 Classrooms 7 & 8

For more details and photos of the project see - class 7, 8 and Hall Progress Report

DGS has successfully built sufficient classrooms for all ten of the current classes over the last three years; see details below. The school just needs these two more classrooms in order to provide the children with a full primary education at DGS.

Donations can be made -

c) by cheque made payable to 'Destiny Children' and sent to the Charity address below

d) by online transfer to Destiny Children's account; details below

e) by emailing us at  with a pledge

f) via our PayPal account. There is a link to PayPal on the 'can you help' page of this website. Paypal take a small charge and accept credit or debit cards.


Gift Aid Logo* if you would like Destiny Children to reclaim tax on your donation, please let us know. You understand that you must pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax reclaimed by the charity. This provides a valuable extra source of funding to us at no extra cost to you; it amounts to an additional 25% of your donation.


Charity Address and Account details:-

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Destiny Children Account:

Bank account number:  39764796 
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Classrooms at Destiny Garden School

In May 2009 Destiny Garden School opened with 160 children and 7 classrooms, located in this rented building.   Classes at the School were conducted on mats - there were no chairs, desks or blackboards.DGS Classrooms

Classrooms on mats

In March 2010 a generous donation was received from Dr George which enabled a Kindergarten Block to be built. This houses the Baby class and KG1, KG2 & KG3.

DGS Classrooms


DGS Classrooms


In May 2010  donations were received from three of Destiny Children’s committee members, and from Jackie, who helped to set up the school. These donations enabled four more classrooms to be built.




During 2011, funds raised by Destiny Children, the Kings' School Macclesfield, and a grant from the Kitchen Table Charity Trust enabled Destiny Garden School to build two new Classrooms for Classes 5 and 6. These provide a very suitable learning environment, as the photos below show.

DGS Classrooms DGS Classrooms

For more details on the school’s development see the DGS website - http://www.destinygardenschool.org

DGS Classrooms

DGS Children

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