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Nix Completes her Marathon for Destiny Garden School

6th October 2013 - Nicola completed her first marathon run in 4 hours 1 minute 29 seconds - she was running well for the first 18 miles, and had a good halfway time, see below, but found it the last 8 miles hard. However, she came 264 out of 826 runners, so Nix's Marathon managed to be in the top third of the runners! 

Kielder Marathon might be described as Britain’s most beautiful marathon but it was no bus ride! They say runners have to add 25 minutes to their PB.

Nicola has raised much needed funds for Destiny Garden School, more than enough to cover the immediate needs of  the children with eye problems, described below.   

Her boss won the box of wines, donated by Nicola, guessing 4h 1m 28s,  so that was a good move on Nicola's part, although some folk think it was a fix!  The photo is of Nicola presenting the prize!

Photos below: at the start with her fellow runners from Heaton Harriers, during the run at the mile 18 mark, and at the finish with Conrad taking a photo to prove her timing!

Nix's Marathon Nix's Marathon Nix's Marathon


Position out of 826 


Time at Finish

Actual Chip Time

Name & link

Running Club


Halfway time

Minutes per km





Nicola Roper

Heaton Harriers



5:46 min/km

If anyone else would like to support Nicola and Destiny Garden School please see the details below.

Announcing Nix's Marathon Run for Destiny Garden School

On 6th October 2013, Nicola Roper, a sponsor and keen supporter of Destiny Garden School, is challenging herself to her first ever marathon run, and in doing so hopes to kielder2raise funds for Destiny Garden School in Mombasa.

The funds raised are to help the children at the school with eye problems; of the 350 children there, none can afford to have eye tests let alone glasses, and the teachers know of at least 5 children having great difficulty seeing the blackboard. One boy had cataracts removed, funded by the charity, but now needs further surgery and glasses.

This is no ordinary marathon; this is the Kielder Marathon - 26.2 miles, lots of steep hills and kielder1 they say 'it adds 25 minutes to your PB’. It is known as Britain’s most beautiful marathon in a stunning location, described as tranquil, peaceful, picturesque, invigoration, inspiring, challenging and memorable BUT it’s no bus ride!!!

NixRunInstead of collecting the usual sponsor money, Nicola would like you to guess the time she will run this race, and there will be a prize, a box of wine, 6 bottles donated by her (or an alternative if a non-drinker), for the person who gets the closest time. Entry is £1 and a small donation for Destiny Garden School would be welcome; it can be made in a number of ways; please see below.

To help with your guess, Nicola recently completed a half Iron Man in the Lake District and her times were:

Swim, 1.2 Miles: - 35 minutes 20 seconds
Cycle, 56 miles: - 3hrs 40mins 38secs
Run, 13 miles: - 2hrs 8mins 40secs

Here are some guesses so far - see this link for the full list.

Name and Comment
3hrs 9mins 27secs Caroline Billis - you can do this!
3hrs 29mins 16secs Victor Ongola, DGS - Kila la kheri na uweke macho kwenye zawadi!
3hrs 39mins 0secs Martin Hood - doubling my chances with two gueses - other 3h 58m 0s
3hrs 48mins 33secs Craig Smith - don't let Heaton Harriers down!
3hrs 53mins 27secs Patrick Roper - all the best Nix -4hrs 11mins 11 secs and cheer you on
3hrs 55mins 1sec David Johnson - Kielder course map looks ****!! so added 15 minutes
3hrs 57mins 2secs
Felicity Barker - Keep an eye on the time - 3h 57m 2s would be good!!
4hrs 0mins 0secs Colin Townend - good luck, watch your footing!
4hrs 11mins 11 secs Jacob Boaz - we truly appreciate your efforts for our DGS children!
4hrs 28mins 28 secs
Claire Overton - all the best !
4hrs 29mins 30secs Deb Townend - like this different idea for sponsorship- good luck!
4hrs 53mins 0 secs Rebecca Petter - love wine so hope to win, but do better if you can!
5hrs 13mins 7secs Conrad Kelly - with the longest time, will I win if you don't complete?
see this link for the full list  

Times and Donations can be made -

a) in person to Nicola - detailing your time on the Charity Form

b) by emailing Nicola with your time, post code and pledge - nicola.roper@googlemail.com

c) by cheque made payable to 'Destiny Children' and sent to the Charity - addresses below, with your time and post code on the back

d) an online transfer to Destiny Children's account; details below

e) by emailing us  with your time, post code, pledge

f) via our PayPal account, using your credit or debit card or your PayPal account, see link in 'can you help'. PayPal charges will be applied; allow 4%. Please reference the payment with 'Nix's Marathon', your name and post code.  


Gift Aid Logo* if you would like Destiny Children to reclaim tax on the donation element, please let us know. You understand that you must pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax reclaimed by the charity.


Charity Address and Account details:-

Destiny Children
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United Kingdom


Destiny Children Account:

Bank account number:  39764796 
Bank Sort Code number:  01 05 41
Name of account:  Destiny Children
Name and address of bank: NatWest, Macclesfield Branch
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Please reference the payment with 'Nix's Marathon', your name and post code.


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