Gifts That Make A Difference

Do you sometimes wonder what to say when someone asks you what you would like for Christmas?  Or are you struggling to think of a suitable gift for a friend or family member

Why not consider giving a present in the form of a gift to Destiny Garden School. Gifts can range from £11 which will provide a child with a sports track suit, to £180 which will pay for the education of a child for a year. Further details are on this link – Gifts That Make a Difference.

High School Places for DGS Students – August 2021

Destiny Garden School provides a good education for children up to the age of 14 or 15 (class 8), and in the Kenyan education system this is regarded as the end of primary education.  Most Kenyan children progress on to High School to complete their secondary education, but children from the poorest of families cannot attend High School because they cannot afford the fees and associated costs.

This year, DGS had ten children who passed the national Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education exams with sufficiently good grades to be offered places at some of the top High Schools in Kenya, and we were fortunate in finding sponsors to enable them to attend.

Graduation Day for the P-P2 Children – July 2021

The annual Pre-Primary2 graduation party finally took place this year  – the children missed out in 2020 due to the long Covid-19 break.  All passed to go onto Primary Class 1 – we wish them all the best in their further studies.


Music at DGS – July 2021

Patrick Treadwell, a music teacher, has been keen to promote more music  at Destiny Garden School;  in the past he has donated recorders, training manuals,  CD’s and music score sheets.

Very sadly Patrick died and, in memory of him, his family made a donation to Destiny Garden School to buy an electronic key board.  The children were very excited to see this and it will be put  to good use for the benefit of the pupils, and the staff.   Our grateful thanks go to Patrick’s wife, Rachel, and her family for making this possible.  Ben Thomas from Aftercare Funeral Services helped Rachel raise the money at a time when she wouldn’t have been able to do it.  Rachel says  “we are delighted to see the children enjoying the keyboard and Patrick would have been so pleased to have donated it in his name“.

Letters to Destiny Garden School

A few of our sponsors, or their children, write to their sponsored child at Destiny Garden School and we try to make sure all the children in the class are involved as we don’t want any to feel left out. The letters are therefore addressed to the whole class and the teachers often used them as a teaching aid, not just for practice in English, but also for geography and general knowledge. We do not expect sponsors to write letters and the number who do is very small, or just very occasionally; we would not be able to cope with many more! The Charity has produced guidelines on writing letters to sponsored children.

Improvements to DGS’s Grounds and Classes – June 2021

Thanks to funds from a past DGS supporter, the school has been able to paint the classrooms and landscape the grounds by laying down pebble dash to cut down on all the dust.


Annual General Meeting –  21 June 2021

Destiny Children’s AGM was held on Monday 21st June 2021 via Zoom.  It has been a challenging year for both the charity and DGS due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the charity,  the main challenge has been raising the necessary funds: Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions in the UK have meant the charity has been unable to organise fundraising events and they were reluctant to keep asking for more from their supporters as many UK families are themselves facing hardships due to the pandemic.

For Destiny Garden School, their main challenges have been purchasing food and Covid-19 safe items with ever increasing prices and demand, keeping the school maintained whilst closed for so many months, selecting those DGS families most in need of emergency food supplies.

However, challenges were overcome with the generous help from our supporters –please see Destiny-Children-AGM-2021 detailing how this was achieved.

School Lunches – May 2021

Many of the families of the children at the school struggle to provide adequate food for their children, and they rely on the midday meal Destiny Garden School produces.  This nutritious meal not only helps with the children’s’ welfare but also ensures that they are able to learn more effectively, and is a great encouragement for their parents or guardians to send their children to school.

Currently we are able to cover the school’s main running costs, but there is a shortfall in providing funds for the children’s lunches, so fundraising continues to be essential.  As you will understand, it has been difficult to do this during the pandemic, so any help you can give would be much appreciated. (Some fundraising ideas can be found on our website on this link.)

PP2 Class Assessments – Term One 2021

During the first term this year the DGS Pre-Primary Class 2, children aged 5 years,  have learnt to perform various activities such as – reading and writing three letter words and simple sentences, counting and writing 1 to 20,  studying the environment both at school and home, learning the importance of keeping personal hygiene, drawing simple diagrams and making simple body movement.

Their overall performance is assessed on whether each child exceeds expectation (4) , meets expectation (3) , approaches expectation (2) or is below expectation (1). The pupils performed well and most  exceeded expectations in many of the activities.


Class 8 Take Their Final Exams – March 2021

The pupils in Class 8 sat their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations in March  – these exams are usually taken in November each year, but were delayed due to the pandemic. The results are expected next month and will hopefully pave the way for the children to join High School in August 2021.


How DGS Managed the Pandemic – 10 January 2021

Thanks to the continued support of our sponsors, generous donations, Gift Aid, and grants, Destiny Garden School was able to continue paying all the staff salaries throughout the pandemic, feed the most vulnerable DGS families, and welcome back all the children to the safest possible environment in January. We thought you would like to see the document on this link summarising the ways this was achieved.

Children return to school – 4th January 2021

2020 was difficult year for many all over the world but thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and supporters we were able to pay the salaries of the DGS staff, support distance learning, help feed the poorest DGS families and make the school Covid-Safe for the children’s return on 4th January 2021.


Destiny Garden School’s musical teachers, some of the pupils and their parents composed a short song for the  supporters of the Destiny Children Charity – please see this link.

Message of Gratitude and Hope from DGS

Destiny Garden School’s musical teachers, some of the pupils and their parents have  composed a short song for the  supporters of the Destiny Children Charity (DCC), and to wish then a happy Christmas and New Year – please see this link.

Last year was difficult for many all over the world but thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and supporters we have been able to pay the salaries of the DGS staff, help feed the poorest DGS families and make the school Covid-Safe for the children’s return on 4th January 2021