Dinner Dance – December 2018

A very successful event organised by keen supporter, Elizabeth Wright, which raised over £1,600 for Destiny Garden School. Hollin Hall, Kerridge, proved to be an ideal venue and the fabulous live 9 piece Band – ‘Bring on the Swing’ – certainly got everyone swinging.

Many thanks to Elizabeth and her helpers, and to all those who supported the event.

Coffee Morning Raises Funds for DGS – 25 October 2018

A very successful and enjoyable coffee morning was held at Gawsworth Methodist Church Hall raising much needed funds for Destiny Garden School. The funds raised will go towards school lunches for the children at DGS – the pound goes a long way in Kenya and this will provide all 470 children with a nutritious school lunch for 5 days.

Many thanks to all our volunteer helpers and to all those who donated to the event.

Letters to Destiny Garden School

A few of our sponsors, or their children, write to their sponsored child at Destiny Garden School and we try to make sure all the children in the class are involved as we don’t want any to feel left out.  The letters are therefore addressed to the whole class and the teachers often used them as a teaching aid, not just for practice in English, but also for geography and general knowledge.  We do not expect sponsors to write letters and the number who do is very small, or just very occasionally; we would not be able to cope with many more! The Charity has produced guidelines on writing letters to sponsored children.

Class Photos

Boaz, the DGS Sponsorship Manager, has taken class photos – from the Day Care class right through to class 8.  See this link for the other class photos.

Trustee Nick’s Visit to DGS – July/August 2018 

Trustee, Nick Burton, visited Destiny Garden School with his wife, who is a teacher, and his two teenage daughters – see this link for his full report and further photos. Nick was representing the charity whilst his family did a week’s voluntary work at the school. Nick said the week I spent at DGS was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things I’ve ever done. I think all our feelings are summed up by a couple of comments on our daughters’ Instagram sites. Polly said that, in spite of their circumstances, the children were smilier and happier than any she’s ever seen. Maddy said the school was one of the most positive places she’s ever been, filled with the constant sound of children’s laughter.’

Chick Flicks at Park Tavern

Chick Flick Night – 22 May 2018

Those who kindly supported the Destiny Children chick flick certainly had a treat! Rebecca at the Park Tavern as usual pulled out all the stops and our ‘supper’ was fantastic! Plentiful and delicious. The film ‘Wonder’ was very uplifting and there was not a dry eye in the house! As an added bonus we raised £100 which will go towards some benches for the new dining shelter. A big thank you to all who attended.

Guillermo and Marta visit DGS – 7 May 2018 

Architect Guillermo, who helped design the new Dining Shelter and Library, and his new bride, Marta, visited Destiny Garden School during their honeymoon.  He said “we had a really good time at DGS, and it was lovely to see the children and meet the teachers and staff.  The days that we were there we bought breakfast for the whole school and Marta gave a masterclass to the older kids about drug abuse and HIV. The kids are really aware of this issues and how easy is for them to get into.  The charity is doing a great job providing all these children with an education. Marta and I would love to come back in the future to stay longer.”

A new Dining Shelter and Office/Library – April 2018

The new Dining Shelter and Office/Library is now completed and in use. Destiny Garden School and the charity Destiny Children were very fortunate that volunteers from two top London firms – architects Allies and Morrison and engineers, Arup – gave up both their time and expertise free of charge to design the Dining Shelter.  A generous private donation and grants from the Rotary Club of Knutsford and the Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust enabled us to fund the project.  More photos and details about the construction can be seen on   this link.

Tracy Norton's Challenge

Could you live on £1 a day? – January 2018

Sponsor Tracy Norton has raised over £1,100 for Destiny Garden School by living on £1 a day for 28 days.

In 2016, she raised over £2,000 for DGS by living on £1 a day for 21 days and this time, she raised the stakes by extending the challenge to a gruelling 28 days.

In her first challenge, Tracy used herbs, spices and oil from her own store cupboards to liven up the food, but this time, she lived strictly only on what money could buy within her £28 budget. She said “my budget was extremely tight and it did make it more difficult having to include cooking oil, herbs and spices within that budget”.

Tracy said her friends, family and work colleagues all thought she was bonkers (and after running out of coffee towards the end of the challenge, she started to think they were right!). “It had its ups and downs and I really missed my fresh fruit and veg” said Tracy “but it has all been worth it to see the funds that everyone has so generously donated and to know that 100% of this will go directly to the school for the benefit of the children”.

Tracy told Destiny Children Charity that she hopes to have raised awareness of the school and the work carried out by them via the updates she posted on Social Media throughout the 28 day challenge.

DCC do such a great job and they are supported by committed and passionate trustees and committee members who are dedicated to improving the lives of the children at Destiny Garden School. I am very humbled by the work you all do and it’s a real honour to contribute where I can. I hope to have raised awareness of the charity and the school at the same time as raising the extra funds”.

Tracy has been a keen supporter and sponsor of Destiny Garden School for a number of years.


Snowflakes raise funds for DGS – January 2018

The staff at Allies and Morrison Architects raised over £560 for Destiny Garden School over Christmas by designing snowflakes for their Christmas decorations and selling them at their annual party.  These funds are going towards dining tables and benches for the new Dining Shelter that they designed.

Classroom Refurbished During the December 2017 Holiday

During the recent school holidays all classrooms were refurbished thanks to a generous donation from a local Mombasa company. All classes have been repainted, six are now fully tiled and four have new desks. The transformation is amazing!