food parcels following flood in Vijiweni, Mtongwe, Likoni, Kenya from Destiny Garden School

More Than 300 Families Recieve Food Parcels

More than 300 families living around Destiny Garden School have received food packages whilst they battle against the ongoing El Nino rains in the country. This comes at a time when their houses, belongings and farmholds were washed away in flash floods that are being experienced in most parts of Kenya.


Parents of Destiny Garden School and residents of Vijiweni, Mtongwe, Likoni constituency have praised the move by Destiny Children Charity-UK to provide them with food packages comprising of 5kg maize Flour, 2kg wheat flour, 2 Litres of cooking oil, 5kg rice, 4 Kgs beans, 2kg sugar, 0.5kg salt and 200 shillings to buy firewood for cooking (due to raising prices of fuel in the country since the floods) and water for drinking.



Parents, and their children, who were affected by the floods have welcomed the aid, stating it’s a move that will foresee them surviving for up to 2 weeks as they make ends meet, and hopefully await more support amidst the hard economic times in the country. Due to the lack of state-provided support, there was a lot of media attention and it reached nationwide new channels which can be watched below:



Jacob Boaz, School Director said “We are so, so grateful and eternally graciously glad on behalf of all the students, staff and parents. All I saw were gloriously and visibly happy. YOU have made these families excited and joyful.”



We thank everyone who donated to the food aid. As government food relief is unlikely to reach Likoni before the end of the year, we are looking to send another food drop before Christmas to help the local families in this difficult time. If you would like to contribute, please visit our donation page and reference your donation as ‘Food Parcels’