New Desks for DGS – 24th July 2020

Generous donations have paid for 100 new desks which will go towards making DGS Covid-19 safe when the children to return to school.

Destiny Garden School is facing considerable expense to comply with social distancing and hygiene requirements.  For example, extra hand washing facilities and textbooks will be required, together with a supply of sanitiser, and probably the biggest expense is providing 100 individual desks and chairs.

Before many of the children shared desks, sometimes with as many as six children sharing a desk designed for just two.  The Kenyan Government requires school children to sit at least one meter apart on separate desks.  Local carpenters (thus giving them some work) have made the desk units – please see the attached photos.

Providing food parcels – 6th July 2020

Thanks to very generous donations from Alana Hanks and her family, friends, and community members, with some matching funds from the Microsoft Employee Giving Program, Destiny Garden School was able to make a fourth distribution of Food Parcels to the families of the most disadvantaged  DGS children.

Boaz, the DGS Manager, produced a video showing scenes of this distribution which took place on the school grounds. It includes a special thank you to all sponsors and supporters – see this link


Providing food parcels – 28 May 2020

Unlike the developed world, there is little financial help from the government during the COVID-19 crisis and many of Kenya’s poorest are unable to earn a living during lock-down. As Jacob, the DGS Director, put it – “in Kenya more people may die from starvation than from Coronavirus“.

Thanks to a very generous donation from sponsor Shaun Thornley, Destiny Garden School were able to make a third distribution of Food Parcels to the families of the most disadvantaged  DGS children.  This time we included families of former DGS children who are now in high school or university and 325 Food Parcels were made up.  We were also able to increase the quantity of food as follows which will hopefully feed the families up until July.

  • 5kg Rice
  • 2 litres Oil
  • 3kg Maize Flour
  • 1kg Sugar
  • 4kg Beans
  • Multipurpose Soap
  • Toothpaste

Boaz, the DGS Manager, produced a video showing scenes of the third distribution which this time took place on the school grounds;  it includes a special thank you to all sponsors and supporters, and to Shaun for the third distribution – see this link.

A Video of the Recent Distribution of Food Parcels

Boaz, the DGS Manager, has produced a video showing scenes from the second distribution of Food Parcels which were given to the families of the most disadvantaged  DGS children. It includes a special thank you to all sponsors and supporters for their generous donations. Click this link to see the video

Providing food parcels – 11 May 2020

Kenya continues to be in lockdown due to the coronavirus and many families of the DGS children are struggling to feed themselves.  Brenda, the DGS Sponsorship Director said “The situation in Mombasa is very bad; families are struggling to cope in lockdown and some are being thrown out of their rental homes by insensitive landlords, but the good news is the hope of having something to eat and that’s all we can do for now, and they asked we say to you a million thank yous.”

It is thanks to further generous donations from our supporters that Destiny Children were able to send funds for a second distributions of Food Parcels for 275 of the most disadvantaged DGS families.  Brenda adjusted the contents of the parcels as follows based on feedback from the first distribution. Due to rising food costs and the addition of soap and toothpaste, the parcels now cost around £14 each; they are enough to feed a family of three for 4 weeks, but of course many families are much larger.

  • 3kg Rice
  • 2 litres Oil
  • 3kg Maize Flour
  • 2kg Peas
  • Multipurpose Soap
  • Toothpaste

A local Mombasa clothing company made and donated 2,000 masks for the DGS families and these were distributed at the same time as the Food Parcels.  DGS also managed to buy  two thermometers for when the school resumes and the opportunity was taken to train a few staff on how to use them.

Jacob, the DGS Director says “All the parents and guardians, the District Officer and the DGS team  are very grateful for the donations which are helping to fight hunger and poverty in the Mtongwe area during this very difficult time.”

Providing food parcels – 20 April 2020

In Kenya, as elsewhere, the population has been in lockdown since the end of March.  As many as 95% of the families of DGS children are unable to earn a living and as Jacob, the DGS Director, put it – “in Kenya more people may die from starvation than from Coronavirus“.

Thanks to our supporters and generous donations, the Destiny Children charity has been able to send funds to cover the staff salaries and to buy essential food for 275 most vulnerable families of the DGS children.

For around £12 per family the food parcels provided the following, enough to feed a family of three for 4 weeks.

  • 2kg Rice
  • 2 litres Oil
  • 2kg Maize Flour
  • 2kg Peas
  • 4kg Maize

For full details on how the DGS team managed this at such short notice are included in this report.  A huge thank you to them and, of course, to all our sponsors and supporters.

Destiny Garden School and Covid-19 – 3 April 2020

You will be aware that the Covid-19 virus is spreading across the world, and we have received enquiries about the situation in Kenya, and particularly at Destiny Garden School.  Although Kenya does not have many cases as yet, the school closed a week early for their 5 week April holiday, as did all Kenyan schools.   It seems unlikely that they will return in May, so the teachers are busy preparing lessons that can be done at home, via WhatsApp as most families don’t have computers, but the majority do have mobile phones.

Destiny Children is sending funds to enable the school to continue to pay the staff salaries, and we are looking into ways in which it might be possible to help the children themselves.  Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus we had managed to raise enough money to pay for the children’s lunches up till July, and we are investigating the feasibility of diverting some of these funds to deliveries of basic foodstuffs to the poorest families.

We will try to update you on the progress of this initiative as it develops; in the meantime our heartfelt thanks go to all of our sponsors and supporters for their continuing support at a time when we are all facing unprecedented challenges.




Quiz Night – 28 February 2020

A successful Quiz Night raised much needed funds for Destiny Garden School.

Many thanks to all who supported the event and to Chris, our Quizmaster, who made the event so enjoyable.

Judy’s visit to Destiny Garden School – February 2020

Judy Roper, Trustee and Founder of Destiny Children, visited Destiny Garden School during February 2020, and stayed at the home of Jacob Boaz, Director of DGS. The main purpose of Judy’s visit was to hand over some of the administration of the sponsorship programme to Brenda Ongola, who has been a Director of DGS since the school first opened in 2009. Judy also took the opportunity to update the Charity’s records and review the budgets.  Judy says:

“It was great to be able to visit Destiny Garden School, and it was very rewarding to see how the school is coping on the reduced income from the charity. It was wonderful to see all the children  and the dedicated staff again.

Jacob, the School Director, works hard to ensure the school’s success and is very well respected by the people in the local community. Boaz, the School Manager, is producing some excellent work, and it was a pleasure to work with Brenda.  I am confident that she is going to prove to be a great asset in ensuring the sponsorship programme runs successfully.”

NB – 100% of all sponsors’ and donors’ funds received by Destiny Children, including Gift Aid, go directly to Destiny Garden School.  Judy’s visit to Mombasa was funded entirely by Judy herself.

Class Photos – February 2020

Boaz, the DGS Sponsorship Manager, has taken class photos – from the Pre-Primary Class One right through to class 8.  See this link for all the class photos.

Spoons for the DGS children – January 2020

Nine year old Valerio asked for donations instead of birthday presents and raised enough to buy serving dishes and spoons for all the children at Destiny Garden School – as this video clip shows – and there was enough left over to provide 900 school lunches!  Valerio and his sister, Mirella, sponsor two children at DGS.

You will see from our previous news article that the children used to eat with their hands –   children having lunch at DGS

The spoons are going to make a huge difference and are much more hygienic; although the children wash their hands before eating it is done in a rush!  The serving dishes are going to be a great help – in the past the children have had to queue outside the kitchen to get their lunch and in the rainy seasons this has been difficult.

Farewell to the year 8 leavers – 10 January 2020

DGS gave the year 8 leavers a good send off and Jacob congratulated them on completing the KCPE and encouraged them to continue working hard in the future.

Thanks to a generous donation from one of our sponsors, DGS was able to give them a special lunch. We hope they will all be able to attend high school and wish them all the best.  More details and photos will be on the DGS website shortly.

Destiny Garden School Start a New Term – 6 January 2020

Destiny Garden School resumed back on 6th  January after a their long 2 month holiday break – we wish then all the best for 2020.